Another year, another dollar

I wish I could say I wrote some new pieces for my portfolio this year. (I wrote only one.)

Or finished lyrics for a songs I started years ago.

Or became proficient on trumpet. Or finally figured out how to fully engage my diaphragm while singing. Or got better at sight-reading piano music. Or saw Tony Bennett perform in New York. Or heard the BSO for the first time. Or began the Wagner bio I picked up at a rummage sale last year.

I could really kick myself. But as 2014 approaches, I guess I’d rather not think of my life in that way. In terms of what I haven’t done. Because there’s a ton of stuff I haven’t done. (Yet.)


Instead, here’s what I did do:

Completed a full year of substitute teaching in public schools. Performed in two community theatre productions, one with a bottle on my head. Got my first Artist-in-Residence position. Went on a big vacation. Ate a grasshopper taco. Worked at a library. Bought a tablet. Walked in a protest march. Began a teacher certification program. Saw Carter Burwell and the Coen Brothers talk about movie scores. Planted a garden. Got a job as a long term music substitute. Got my first piercing. Passed the Praxis II on my first try. Saw Phantom of the Opera for the first time in 10 years. Was offered my first full-time job (and had to turn it down).

Sometimes what you really love to do gets put on hold for other opportunities. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it or won’t do it. It simply means life happened.

Just don’t lose sight of what you love. Trust me, music is well within my sight. 2014 will be my year. 2013 was a springboard year. Well worth it, I think.

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