I just wrote a jingle!

I have been a semi-committer lately. So I’m shocked that within the course of a week I wrote a melody and lyrics for a presidential jingle, and then spent nearly eight hours recording it with a software program I sometimes want to punch in the face with my aggravation.

Thanks to a random snippet of Studio 360 I heard in a two-minute car ride, I have now written my first jingle for a presidential campaign jingle contest they’re having. (I picked Obama.)

I substitute taught for high school social studies today, and, as if that weren’t exhausting enough, I came home and worked for another eight hours recording my lyrics, inputting all the tracks, editing out the bad parts, piecing together the best of the best segments, and asking my parents for constructive criticism.

(Here’s a peek at what they said:

Mom: I hear something like a banjo in there!

Me: (shuddering) No, there’s a piano. And me singing.

Mom: Well, I love it! It sounds great!


Dad: Maybe it should be “Let’s give him four more years”, not “Now give him four more years.”

Me: Well, that doesn’t work metrically.

Dad: But if the “choice is clear”, you don’t need to instruct anyone to go vote…


Dad: This sounds very 1940s! I’m not sure if that’s what Barack’s looking for if he wants to be moving forward!


Mom: It sounds like something from the musical Chicago!)


But it’s done. I can’t believe it. This was the most random opportunity, and I wasn’t even sure I’d make the deadline. Thanks to an impending storm this weekend, our potential to lose power was a strong motivator. And the process was just plain fun!

Plus I am more familiar with Logic Pro 9.

My parents now have my song stuck in their heads (a good sign for a jingle!).

And Mom keeps adding her own lyrics, like “Barack Obama likes to eat cheese and crackers.” Unfortunately I couldn’t work that line in.


Listen to my jingle here.


Music and lyrics are entirely original:

“If you want a leader who will listen when the layman calls

Who when he takes the stage it’s understood that he’ll be standing tall

When skies are gray

What can I say?

Who’ll lead the way!


Yes, Barack O. is our rock, oh we’ll be flocking just to shout our cheers

Never have a fear, the choice is clear- now give him four more years!”


All done. Now I’ll eat my dinner.



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